What is the Best Video Processor?

There are several different types of video processor, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the Intel Core i7 is best for intensive editing of 2K and 1080p footage, while the AMD Threadripper 2990WX is better for 4K videos. Both have the same TDP of 95W, but the Core i7 is slightly faster. It also supports the UHD Graphics 630 and Intel Optane Memory.

Radiance Pro

The Lumagen Radiance Pro video processor is one of the best video processors currently available in the market. It is a great choice for home theater enthusiasts who want to enjoy the highest level of video quality. This video processor supports the latest HDR and HDCP standards. It is also capable of handling multiple sources and offers advanced color management for precise video gradation.

The Radiance Pro uses a 4913-point lookup table for accurate colour calibration, and it remains in the signal chain throughout the entire calibration process. This makes it possible to achieve unprecedented colour accuracy and precision. Unlike manual colour calibration, which only measures the 6 primary and secondary colours, the Radiance Pro video processor can calibrate the entire colour space. This feature helps to eliminate the possibility of many inaccuracies in the output image.

The Radiance Pro video processor is also highly configurable. It comes with several configurations and SKUs, but the most expensive model costs $7,499. All versions ship with the same rack-mountable matte black chassis and video processing features. It also supports anamorphic aspect ratios up to 4K resolution. Furthermore, it provides a plethora of features for HD and SD sources, including non-linear image scaling, per-pixel video deinterlacing, and optional picture-in-picture functionality.

The Radiance Pro offers up to seven independent zones with multiple inputs. This eliminates the need for a separate matrix switch. It also has a faster switching time than previous models. Another key feature is that it does not require a deinterlacing chip, a feature found in the 4449 model.

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