Time Travellers on TikTok

TikTok user claims to be a time traveler

The TikTok app has become a viral phenomenon. Users can create their own personas and pretend to be anything they want, including time travelers. The videos they post are often from the future, where Earth faces a bleak future. Some users go so far as to create anonymous accounts, posting videos that claim to be from the year 2582.

“Time-travelers” are all over the internet and one such user has taken the platform by storm, with his self-proclaimed timeline predictions. One such video shows a time traveller from the year 2104 who visits the year 2022 from 80 years in the future. Despite the fact that the video is bizarre, many users have opted to believe it.

The Authentic Time Traveler page is the latest in a string of such accounts. Although the account creators have not yet identified themselves, Javier’s video has garnered more than 500 Likes and 6 Comments. The account creator’s video shows him boarding a helicopter. The video also promises to reveal his face at the end of the video.

The alleged time traveler, Javier, first posted his first video in February of this year. His username, “unicosobreviviente,” translates to “only survivor.” He reportedly lives in Valencia, Spain, and shares his videos with over 1.2 million followers.

While Javier’s story continues to go viral, it’s still unclear how true it is. While the idea of time travel is not new, it has become popular on social media sites like TikTok. Popular time traveler accounts include @unicosobreviviente, @authentictimetraveler, and @timetraveler2582.

Predicts new pandemic

A self-proclaimed time traveler has uploaded a video to TikTok claiming to be from 2096 and warns that a new pandemic will hit the world in 2024. He claims that the disease will start in a third-world country and spread throughout the world. His video also reveals the existence of underground creatures and aliens.

While many people may be skeptical of time travel predictions, the self-styled time traveler has a following that believes his predictions are true. His predictions have gone viral on social media sites. However, critics argue that these predictions are just a hoax.

The self-proclaimed time traveler has been making wild predictions for years, and this latest prediction is not the first. This time traveler also says that the world will experience a new strain of the Covid virus. He also claims that Earth will face an asteroid in March, which will hit Earth.

Another video by a TikTok user says he has traveled to the year 2027. The user, known as @unicosobreviviente, only gives his first name and his home city, Valencia, Spain. His videos have received over 1.2 million views.

In addition to making absurd predictions about the future, many people have claimed to be time travelers on the social media site TikTok. They have been making videos for their followers, and some of the most popular ones have gotten millions of views. These ‘TikTok time travellers’ continue to make ridiculous predictions, despite the fact that time travel is impossible.

Predicts alien contact

A self-described “time traveler from the year 3000” has issued an alien contact warning via his TikTok account, with hundreds of thousands of followers. In a series of video clips, the self-proclaimed time traveller uses footage from a 2004 US government video of a UAP encounter to make his claims. In addition to alien contact, he has made several other claims, including that Donald Trump will announce his presidential candidacy in 2024.

Although TikTok failed to provide any evidence to support his views, a large section of the internet is convinced that aliens actually exist and are affecting human history. Moreover, the predictions made by this self-declared time traveler could come true in the coming years.

This self-declared time traveler has gone viral on social media. Some followers are convinced by his predictions, while others say they are just hoaxes. Some users also speculate that the US Navy may have been in contact with aliens for decades.

Another self-declared time traveler has revealed that he is from the year 2024. His self-proclaimed video has more than 11,000 followers, and he has also written an e-book about his time travel experiences. His claim has sparked a discussion about whether humans can travel through time.

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