How to Remove Scotch Tape From Paper

There are a few different ways to remove Scotch tape from paper. These methods include using a heat gun to loosen the tape and curl the edges. Other options include a sharp knife or scraping device. Once the tape has been loosen, it is important to separate the paper.


The poultice method can remove pressure-sensitive tape adhesives from paper. This method involves the application of a solvent locally and a soaking period, called a poultice, during which the adhesive will dissolve and become less visible on the surface of the paper. The poultice will help remove tape from paper and minimize its stain. The poultice consists of a mixture of Fuller’s earth and your chosen solvent. The ratio should be about three parts Fuller’s earth to two parts solvent. After that, you should be left with a relatively dry poultice.

If the stains are not removed by the traditional poultice method, try applying a homemade stone poultice. First, apply the poultice to a test area. Then, add some peroxide and baby powder. After applying the paste, cover the area with plastic wrap to let it breathe.


Often times, it is impossible to remove Scotch tape from paper without damaging it, especially if the paper is extremely delicate. It’s best to get professional help, as the adhesive used is often much stronger than the paper beneath it. However, there are some techniques that you can try to remove the tape on your own.

One of these methods is called solvent separation. This technique involves applying a mild solvent to the paper leaf where the tape was applied. This solution penetrates the paper and swells the adhesive layer, causing it to release from the carrier. Once this is done, you can lift the carrier away from the softened adhesive layer with a pair of tweezers.

Another method for removing tape is to apply a solvent to the tape using a paintbrush or an eye dropper. The amount of solvent you apply is important; you want to make sure that the drop is big enough to penetrate the paper and carry the adhesive to the blotter below. If the drop is too small, it will spread the adhesive unnecessarily and cause a tide mark that is difficult to remove.


If you want to remove scotch tape from paper, the first step is to wet the taped area on the back of the paper. This will soften the adhesive. Next, lift the edge of the tape with a thin spatula (like those used to apply acrylic paints). Work slowly and watch for text. If the tape remains tacky, you can dampen the area around one end of the tape with a cotton swab soaked in naphtha.

Older tape is often brown, which means that the adhesive has chemically bonded itself to the paper. It can also become nearly transparent, which means that it isn’t holding the pieces together anymore. You can also try removing the cellophane from the tape using a naphtha cloth dampened in naphtha.

Goo Gone

If you need to remove Scotch tape from paper for any reason, you have to be careful. The adhesive is often more powerful than the paper underneath, and if you don’t know how to remove it properly, you might end up damaging the paper. Fortunately, there are several methods that you can use.

The first method involves using an eraser with gentle pressure to loosen the sticky residue. Afterward, you can use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the residue off. Another method is to use commercial products such as Goo-Gone or De-solv-it. These products work quickly to remove sticky residue.

Another method involves using a heating gun to loosen the tape. This method will curl the edges and loosen the adhesive. If you do not have a heating gun, you can also use a knife or scraping device to break the adhesive. Once the adhesive is loose, you can use a knife or scraping device to separate the pieces of paper.

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