How to Clear Discord Chat

There are several ways to clear Discord chat. For example, you can run a command called!clear 500 to delete the last 500 messages. If you want to clear all messages, you should run the!clear 8000 command. However, you should be careful not to overuse your account. It is important to remember that Discord does not like third-party bots. The best way to clear Discord chats is to do it manually.

!clear 8000 – This command deletes all messages

This Discord command is useful for deleting messages in bulk. While this method can be annoying, it can be very handy if you need to remove private messages. However, it should be noted that this command only works on servers and channels where you are the owner or sender of the messages.

Using a script is the easiest method, but you can also manually delete messages. You can also use Discord bots if you are an admin on your server. These bots can do a wide range of tasks for you, such as deleting all messages in a channel.

Once you’ve deleted messages on your Discord server, you can never recover them. This is why it’s important to delete messages in bulk. This can help you avoid spamming and other problems in the future. You can also use bots to store messages so that you don’t have to worry about losing them. You can also use a screenshot to report inappropriate messages to the Discord server.

While Discord stores billions of messages, it doesn’t allow you to clear the entire chat history in bulk. This feature can be a nightmare for some users, but it’s still possible to delete your chat messages manually. Luckily, there are a few workarounds and bots that can help you delete messages in bulk.

Discord chat bots also allow you to use Discord API to bulk-delete messages. Discord has a feature that allows you to send a POST request that lets bots delete messages that are 14 days or less. Messages that are older than that can be queued and discarded one at a time. You can also use a bot such as MEE6 to manage music, leveling, and other functions. It’s crucial that you authorize a bot before using it to mass-delete messages.

Once you’ve verified that you’re not a robot, click on “manage” and choose the “moderate” option. In Discord, you’ll need to authorize this bot to perform actions. Once it has been approved, it will show you a list of servers affiliated with your account. Select a server and click “Approve”. If it doesn’t appear on your list, click on the “Manage” button.

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